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Widewalls | Modern and Contemporary Art Resource

Francis Berthomier (CEO & Project Manager) | Nazar & Serge (UI Designers) | Jireh Reambonaza (UX Designer)

Widewalls is a marketplace website where thousands of artworks of all prices are listed by hundreds of galleries worldwide. It is a platform for art lovers, collectors, artists and galleries to connect, sell and celebrate art.

Project Duration: 2013 to Present
My Role: UX Designer and Tester
Tools Used: Figma and Adobe Illustrator
  • Test the user journeys of both the sellers and buyers.
  • Optimize the buying journeys while considering all possible scenarios.
  • Re-write the in-app and email notifications.
  • Collaborate with the developers to properly deploy design ideas and solutions.

The Problem:

There are very few online marketplaces for artworks like paintings, furniture, drawings, and sculptures that solve the problems of art collectors, galleries, artists, and art enthusiasts. Other artwork marketplaces only rely on expensive third-party shipment companies and do not give the freedom for galleries and artwork sellers to have in-house shipping.

The Goal:

To design and develop (Widewalls) a global online B2B modern and contemporary art resource that will bring resilience to the traditional art sector, display and market the artworks of galleries, and provide a platform for collectors and art enthusiasts to acquire and celebrate art.

User Research: Summary

I studied interview results, researched the competitors, and optimized the user flow charts to understand the user groups and effectively solve their problems. The primary user groups identified through research were art collectors (buyers) and galleries (sellers).

User Research: Painpoints


The world of traditional art does not have a platform to keep up with the modern way of selling art pieces.

Flexible Delivery

Other art marketplaces do not offer a variety of options for shipping.


There's a lack of an adequate and effective platform designed to reach art collectors and enthusiasts.


Mila A.

Mila is an art dealer who struggles to find a proper online venue to sell art pieces because there's no proper platform to sell art pieces.


Kristoff is a gallerist who wants to reach a global audience because his gallery is only physically located in London.

Sue S.

Sue is an art collector and enthusiast who often complains a lot when ordering artwork online because of the overly expensive shipping cost of the art pieces.

Checkout Process Step 1 - Click Instant Buy

Checkout Process Step 2 - Add Delivery Address for Shipping

Checkout Process Step 3 - Add Payment

Checkout Process Step 4 - Order Confirmation

User Journey - Checkout

Widewalls Website

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