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Translatur | iOS Translation App

Translatur is an app that instantly translate words, phrases, conversations and texts on an image between 100+ languages. Using AI technology, Translatur uses your camera to translate menus, cards, signs, and documents. This app can also record everyday phrases for a more convenient replay for everyday use.

Project Duration: October 2023 to November 2023
My Role: UX and UI Designer
Tools Used: Figma and Adobe Illustrator
Responsibilities: Designing the logo, conducting interviews, competitive research and analysis, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, create a design system, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.

The Problem:

There are a lot of translator apps with helpful functions, but none of these apps have the function to share info with other apps such as social media and messaging apps.

The Goal:

To design a translation app with flexible plans wherein translated texts and recordings can be conveniently shared directly with other apps, save previous translated conversations and offline translation.

User Research: Summary

I studied interview results, analyzed the competitors, and optimized the user flow charts to understand the user groups and effectively solve their problems. The primary user groups identified through research were tourists and foreigners.

User Research: Painpoints

Everyday Use

A translation app should have the functionality to be used quickly in day-to-day digital and in-person interactions.


Other translation apps do not have a sharing function to another app.  


Some tourists visit destinations without proper network coverage.


Andrea B.

Andrea is a tourist who loves exotic travel and struggles to use an online translator because some exotic tourist destinations are out of reach of the network coverage.

Kathryne B.

Kathryne is a Filipino migrant worker in Germany who struggles with her German classes because she can't read and barely speaks German.


DJ is an international travel influencer who struggles with communicating via social media with the locals due to the language barrier.

Onboarding and Settings

User Flow - Text Translation

User Flow - Camera & Picture-to-Text Translation

User Flow - Conversation Translation

User Flow - Offline Playback

User Flow

Translatur Prototype

To view the prototype, click the button below.